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Digital Art


The images in this gallery are digitally enhanced depictions of the original oil paintings from the gallery.  The images are therefore available in print form only.

Digital Fish Supper.jpg
Digital The Bar Scene.jpg
Digital II Mind That Hot Tea.jpg
Digital The Intimacy Of Verbal Conflict
Digital Pianist I.jpg
Digital I Stage Dancer.jpg
Digital Ascension-v0I.jpg
Digital Organist I.jpg
Digital L'Addition S'il Vous Plait.jpg
Digital Orange.jpg
Digital II Woman In Red.jpg
Digital Something To Shout About
Digital Have And Have Not.jpg
Digital Violinist I.jpg
Digital I High Tea.jpg
Digital Disrupted Egg Path On Blue.jpg
Digital Skopelos Memories.jpg
Digital Violinist II.jpg
Digital Organist II.jpg
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