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Cheshire Life-01.jpg


I am a self taught artist based in Cheshire.  My main medium is oils on canvas with the occasional need to work in acrylics. The host of stylistic approaches in my work cannot disguise the fact that I enjoy the search to depict my own original take on the world. I have studied some western artistic masters, Vermeer in particular, seeking to build on their various visual languages, from Surrealist still lives, to Expressionist pole dancers, to Cubist mosaic portraits.  I also work with contemporary subject matter such as sporting heroes and celebrated musicians as well as portraits of friends and family. I also am an incessant 'doodler' and you can hopefully detect paintings that clearly bear the hallmarks of a more whimsical starting point from my Doodle Book! This is a way of bringing forth unexpected visual results.


I continue to work within numerous styles insisting that I remain committed, for now at least, to my mantra ‘it doesn’t limit me creatively being committed to one particular style’.


I hope you enjoy the art within each of the various galleries and I look forward to your feedback.

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