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Semi-Figurative II Artworks

Unlike the Semi-Figurative I Gallery, the images in this Gallery are based on cartoon or doodle style art.  Sometime a doodle has to be taken more seriously and transposed into oils on canvas. The images in this gallery are such examples..

Man At His Organ.jpg
Man At His Piano.jpg
Man With A Violin.jpg
Old Man Collecting Sticks - Not On The S
Stage Dancer.jpg
One More Time.jpg
Mother And Child.jpg
Mother And  Daughter.jpg
Mother And Son.jpg
The Intimacy Of Verbal Conflict.jpg
Poker Night.jpg
Skopelos Sandals.jpg
She's Seen Us-2.jpg
Bain des Jeunes Amants.jpg
Lost In Dance.jpg
The Mad Sculptor.jpg
Mosaic Embrace.jpg
Naughty Boy.jpg
Made For Sharing - 02.jpg
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