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Semi-Figurative I


Semi-Figurative Art - sometimes written as figurativism, describes artwork, particularly paintings and sculptures that is clearly derived from real object sources, and are therefore by definition representational. Figurative art is often defined in contrast to abstract art. The term Semi-Figurative here alludes to the fact that images are somewhere between not abstract whilst not fully conforming to the definition of Figurative.

The Sangria Jug.jpg
The Pole Dancers And Their Admirers.jpg
Skopelos Memories.jpg
Have And Have Not.jpg
Let_s Pay And Go.jpg
Fish Supper.jpg
The Bar Scene.jpeg
Mind That Hot Tea.jpg
Something To Shout About.jpg
Showered And Resting.jpg
Obvious Intent.jpg
With Coffee To Follow.jpg
Narcissistic Wine Bar Experience - After Caravaggio-02.jpg
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